Looking to make a statement about Fox News?

Tech Culture

Former Republican Sam Kimery and business partner Joshua Montgomery are hocking a TV device that blocks access to the Fox News channel. The gadget, called the Fox Blocker, costs $8.95 and essentially filters out Fox News from your cable line up. The device can likely block out any channel--we weren't able to confirm, as neither inventor returned e-mails--but the point is you're making a statement with your purchase, which is clearer from the e-mail that is sent to Fox News advertisers.

With your purchase of the Fox Blocker, an e-mail in your name will be sent to the top 10 advertisers at Fox News telling them you're not watching Fox News, according to their Web site.

Kimery and Montgomery say they'll take down the site and move on if Fox will come out from behind it's "Fair and Balanced" motto and just say, "It's right wing news for right wing nuts."

Kimery became an independent in the 1990s when, after the Oklahoma Republican party stopped listening to its rank-and-file members, according to an Associated Press report.

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