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Looking for Zune in all the wrong places

Spot check doesn't find too much music sharing

Zune found

Welcome to the social? Not exactly.

I spent a week trekking around San Francisco, Zune in tow, hoping to find more of the players to share music with. I nearly gave up in failure but finally found one other Zune on my downtown expedition.

San Francisco Zune hunt

It's early on, of course--the Zune has only been available for around a month. Still, one of the main reasons Microsoft is hoping that consumers will opt for the Zune over the iPod is the MP3 player's wireless sharing feature. And, as I found out, it's not much use if there is no one to share with.

Microsoft says that part of the problem is that many of the Zunes that have been sold are sitting under Christmas trees, so maybe I'll have to retrace my steps in January.