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Looking for personal Google Maps Street View images

CNET is looking for the best images from Google's new Street View feature illustrating personal elements

When I heard about the new Street View feature Google Maps unveiled Tuesday, the first thing I thought--after I discovered that anyone in the world could see my car parked in my driveway--was that the next great craze would be people posting images from the service showing personal details from their own homes, jobs or what have you.

CNET reporter Daniel Terdiman's car as seen in his driveway using the Google Maps Street View feature Google

Sure enough, I pop over to Boing Boing today and lo and behold, there's a posting about someone whose cat is visible through the window in such detail that you can even see that it's a tabby.

And I thought, I want to do a story, or at least a photo gallery, illustrating some of the more interesting examples of this thing that some might call spying.

So, if you have found a particularly interesting image using Street View that helps make this point, please send me the link and a brief description. You can send it to Please put "Street View" in the subject line.

And within a couple days, I'll post something with the best submissions.

Thanks, and happy hunting.