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Looking for love from U.S. Cellular

CNET wants to review U.S. Cellular's cell phones. You can help us.

Recently, I contacted U.S. Cellular and asked to review their Kyocera E1000. Since late spring is always a slow period for new cell releases, I can take the extra time to review handsets from smaller carriers. In the four and a half years I've been at CNET, I've examined a U.S. Cellular phone only a couple of times.

So while browsing through U.S. Cellular's lineup, the E1000 caught my eye. I fooled with this intriguing model at its unveiling at CTIA 2007, but my playtime lasted only a few minutes. And since I haven't reviewed a Kyocera handset in six months, I thought this would a great opportunity. But last Friday to my surprise, U.S. Cellular turned down my request because the San Francisco Bay Area is outside of U.S. Cellular's native coverage area. Shucks.

San Francisco is also outside Alltel's home area, but Alltel sends me phones all the time. After I pointed that out to my U.S. Cellular contact, the carrier agreed to reconsider and now I expect we'll come to agreement.

But just today, it occurred to me that I might be getting ahead of myself. I ask you Crave readers, are you looking for more coverage of U.S. Cellular? Quite a few of you have sent e-mails requesting just that. And while I'm more than happy to do so, I need U.S. Cellular to activate a device and send it to me. Please tell me what you think below.