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Looking for clues from Jobs' jobs

The job listings for Apple Computer can provide some interesting insight as to where the company might be headed, or at least some fun reading for Mac fans.

Among the current postings is a listing for a device driver porting engineer.

"As the Macintosh platform gains in market share, there are a growing number of developers looking to provide Macintosh support for their hardware," the company said in its job description. "We are looking for candidates that have experience at the device driver level to help us develop tools and OS-level support to aid third parties transitioning existing driver code onto our platform."

Linux and Windows experience are a plus for that job, Apple said.

Apple is also looking for an iPod Accessories Engineering Project Manager. The Mac maker started out offering very little to accompany its music players, but has since jumped head first into the burgeoning market, offering a variety of products including armbands, cables and even socks. Separately, Apple has also been seeking a cut from add-ons sold by other companies through its "Made For iPod" program.