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Look n Type for WP7 shows where you're headed

Free app for the LG Optimus 7 gives you a good view of your vicinity while your eyes are glued to the screen typing.

Look n Type

I dare say I'm pretty good at avoiding running into lampposts and people while my eyes are glued to my mobile phone screen. Of course, being able to see what's ahead while furiously punching out a text message would be icing on the cake.

Well, it turns out LG has a solution with its free Look n Type app for the Optimus 7. The app activates the phone's camera so that instead of a nondescript black background, you get a good view of your immediate vicinity.

You can pick from 12 available fonts, as well as color and size (small, medium, and large). After you're done typing, you can send the message as an e-mail or SMS or post it on Twitter. The former two options take you back to the default messaging interface, where you need to insert only the recipient before sending the message on its way.

Unfortunately, the Look n Type app is proprietary to the LG phone, so your HTC HD7 or Samsung Omnia 7 will still have to rely on padded lampposts for now. A similar app called Type n Walk is available for the iPhone, but it'll cost you 99 cents.

(Source: Crave Asia)