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Look Ma, no wall mounts!

Skunkworks puts a new angle on flat panel viewing.

Who gets to take charge of this remote control?

Giant flat-panel displays are beautiful pieces of technology, but for all that money they should do more than just sit there, shouldn't they? For some time now, Hitachi has had models that swivel a bit, but in most installations we've seen, the display is mounted on the wall.

Now that's understandable -- if you've got a display that saves on room over that old clunky CRT, why not get it as far out of the way as possible? The only problem is, keeping the unit up against a wall often limits your viewing options. If you've got one of those odd spaces and want to get the most out of your flat panel, you might want to take a look at the automated robotic arms from Perth-based Skunkworks.

Offering a variety of configurations that allow you to adjust the height, angle and horizontal placement of your display, Skunkworks' mounts let you make the most of the space you've got. Installations will be available in Australia from late July, though the company is now taking pre-orders. See for more details.

Though they mention "degrees", we're pretty sure they mean "dimensions".