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Look ma, no MP3 memory

Latest Zvue MP3 player has no built-in memory, but an SD slot instead.

HandHeld Entertainment's Zvue Model 260

One size fits all with the latest memory-free MP3/video player from HandHeld Entertainment, the Zvue Model 260. Instead of making several models of different capacities, Zvue lets you decide how much memory you need. The entry level configuration of the Model 260 ($99.99) will include a starter 512MB SD card instead, but the slot will accept a card as large as 4GB when it becomes available mid-year.

Physically, the silver-and-black player bears more than a passing resemblance to an iPod. It measures 4.16 x 2.4 x 0.5-inches, a hair long and thicker than a video iPod, and at 3.93 ounces is about an ounce light. It's got a square, 2.5-inch color screen, three transport keys just below the screen, a small speaker and a circular menu navigation wheel on the bottom half.

To support its entire line of players, Zvue has its own iTunes-like store for videos at its Web site. You can also use the 260 to access open source video sites, and