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Look Lock a smartphone-holding boom pole for dSLRs

Accessory lets you mount a smartphone to your dSLR to be used in creative ways, like playing a video for the kiddos to make them smile for the camera.

Look Lock

Look over here! The Look Lock lets you mount your smartphone to your dSLR's hotshoe to be used as an external display. Made from aluminum, the rig consists of an articulating arm that allows you to move and rotate your handset (measuring up to 3 inches wide) at any angle.

We can think of some uses for the Look Lock, such as using it as a budget "teleprompter" for video productions, or playing a funny animated clip to get laughs when photographing kids. Another idea would be to record a candid movie with a smartphone while shooting an event with your dSLR.

The Look Lock can be had for $75 at Photojojo or TetherTools.

Look Lock

(Source: Crave Asia)