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Look, I found some Craveable stuff completely unrelated to SXSW!

Link roundup that has NOTHING TO DO WITH AUSTIN.

All your SXSW are belong to us!

If you read tech and new-media blogs (which you probably do, since you're reading this one) you must be under the impression that anyone who's anyone is at South by Southwest right now, Twitter-ing away on 6th Street, etc., etc., etc. Well, here's the truth. Not everything cool right now is in Austin. Like me, for example. I'm totally awesome. And then there's this stuff...

--Gridskipper has found a dozen hotels worldwide that are made out of ice.

--Portable de-stressing kits are now available for $250, according to BornRich. I know of a cheaper portable de-stressing kit. It's called "booze."

--Boing Boing says: Somebody built a 5th Avenue Apple Store in Second Life! No, it's not official.

--ThisNext is offering a lowdown on sports watches for running. Considering it's finally starting to get warm here in NYC, I might have another look.

--Mashable is reporting that Nintendo is looking to turn the Mii phenomenon into a social network. I've got one question. Can I be Dwight Schrute's friend?

--Designspotter highlights rugged USB drives, a phenomenon that seems to be everywhere these days.

--eBay alert! According to Boing Boing, you can own a part of American cultural history by bidding on the Rev. Ted Haggard's massage table. Proceeds go to an HIV-AIDS charity. Sorry, guys, this one was too good to pass up.