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Look at the app server options

In response to the May 21 report by Martin LaMonica, "BEA gains ally in battle with IBM":

As Hewlett-Packard customers explore the pros and cons of a BEA Systems bundle, it is important to emphasize the choice of the right platform. The temporary convenience of a preinstalled bundle is minor compared to the long-term ramifications of an inferior platform.

My company has been an HP partner for more than 10 years. Last year, we made a strategic decision to exclusively offer IBM WebSphere on HP-UX. Both HP and IBM have teams of sales and consulting professionals dedicated to assuring customers success, and the results are impressive.

Organizations who have standardized on HP owe it to themselves to take a good look at their options with WebSphere before falling for a bundle of convenience.

Hash Malik
Rockville, Md.