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Look, an iPhone charged by an umbilical cord

Japanese artist Mio I-Zawa creates a different kind of charging cable for your iPhone. It's a pulsating, wriggling umbilical cord, complete with strange squealing noises.

iPhone cables are nice enough. But they don't challenge the limits of one's design imagination. Yes, they're simple and white. But they don't make squeaking noises. And they don't really resemble umbilical cords. Not unless you are under the influence of highly influential chemicals.

Let us all be grateful, then, for Japanese artist Mio I-Zawa.

Not content with creating a mechanical tumor (every family should have one), I-Zawa decided to push the boundaries of iPhone cable design.

He is clearly an artist whose mind and physique are made for pushing. For he got it into his head (and the thought clearly didn't leave) to create an iPhone cable that is an umbilical cord.

As you watch the embedded video--first spotted by Geekosystem--from its inception, please marvel at the lifelike quality of this cord. It is something that wriggles, makes squeaking noises, and will surely be extremely popular.

Now, I know that many of the world's iPhones are full of Biebers and Cyruses who also wriggle, make squeaking noises, and are extremely popular.

However, this wonderful creation surely opens a new and highly lucrative market for iPhone cable creators.

Please imagine all the different thoughts that could go into a personalized cable. You could have hissing rattlers and flowing rivers. Indeed, anything that is long, thin, and alive could serve as the inspiration for iPhone cable idiosyncrasy.

One can only await the development of this astonishing nascent market with high anticipation.