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Keep calm and carry a pint: London photo shows city's spirit

Attack or no attack, this man evacuating after Saturday's terror attacks isn't about to leave his beer behind. You know how expensive London drinks are?

With all the devastating news coming out of Saturday's terrorist attacks in London, one photo shared on Twitter offered inspiration instead.

In a photo apparently taken from video footage aired on Sky News, people are shown being evacuated after the two terrorist attacks in England that left at least seven people dead. Some people are running, some are walking, but one man wearing a red shirt drew the attention of social media. He's evacuating, sure, apparently from a pub, but he hasn't gone alone -- he's taken his pint of beer along with him.

The photo was seen by many on Twitter as a symbol of the indefatigable spirit of Londoners, famed for their "Keep calm and carry on" slogan from World War II. And the man's not alone -- though the screenshot is blurry from motion, it appears that other people in the shot took their drinks along too -- the woman next to him seems to be holding a bottle. As many pointed out, drink prices in this part of the city aren't cheap.