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LOLcats mobile: I can has cell fone?

I Can Has Cheezburger moves from the 'Internets' to the cell phone with a little help from a friend.


Starting Wednesday, fans of the 'cheezy' Internet phenomenon LOLcats will be able to get updates of the funny, iconic felines from their cell phones. (I bet you thought I was going to say "from soda bottles.")

That's right. With a little help from Frengo, the company behind the popular Facebook app, Flirtable, I Can Has Cheezburger will be pushing daily updates of the newest LOLcat via text and the mobile Web, transcoded from Frengo's servers. The functionality is simple, but sensibly actionable. Users can view past images and share image links with friends via text.

To get started, text 'LOL' to 44566 and follow the link the the poster kitten of the day. Or, visit from your mobile browser. I'm hooked already.

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