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LOL! You now can has cheezburger on the iPhone

A new application that allows for viewing hilarious photo blogs on your iPhone and iPod Touch.

Nuff said. Dong Ngo/CNET Networks

If you are a fan of the Fail Blog (and I think you should be), be in the know that you now can view the site conveniently with an iPhone app.

The app, developed by MC Development, is called "I Can Has Cheezburger?", which is also the name of the Web site that gathers, organizes, tags, and captions funny, cute, and entertaining pictures submitted by people around the world. These pictures cover topics ranging from animals and random daily life to bad English, celebrities, and politicians.

The app lets you pick and view any of ICHC's eight popular and hilarious blogs, including I Can Has Cheezburger?, Fail Blog, I Has a Hotdog, Pundit Kitchen, GraphJam, Totally Looks Like, Engrish Funny, and ROFLrazzi.

It also lets you save pictures to your iPhone for other uses, such as turning them into a wallpaper or sending to a friend. However it doesn't allow for reading or leaving comments, which is another big part of the sites.

Of course, without the app, you can always view these blogs using the iPhone's Web browser, but the app makes it so much more convenient and, for now, doesn't display ads. According to ICHC, future versions will add more features including allowing you to upload pictures right from the iPhone.

I tried it on my iPhone 3G and immediately got addicted. It helps if you have a fast data connection, though. One complaint: the app doesn't allow for bookmarking the picture you are looking at. Each time you go to one of the sites, you will have to view all the photos from the very beginning, which is not LOL-worthy at all when you are on a sluggish GPRS connection.

The app is available at App Store for free. Go get it and have some good laughs!