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Logitech's Z523 PC speaker system has some punch for $85

While it won't blow you away with its sound quality, if you're looking for an affordable PC speaker-plus-subwoofer system, the Z523 is one of the best speaker systems in its price class.

The Z523 lists for $99.99 but sells for less online. Logitech

Logitech's Z523 speaker system is one of four models in the company's 2009-2010 PC-speaker line that features a separate subwoofer. While the Z523 carries a list price of $99, it sells online for $79, which makes it quite affordable--and a relatively good value.

When Logitech released its new line in 2009, it went away from the modern, squarish design of its USB-powered Z5 omnidirectional speakers and shifted to a more traditional PC speaker design. We can't say the Z523 looks or feels incredibly snazzy, but it's attractive enough, and the 4-inch subwoofer isn't imposing and is small enough to be tucked under a desk without standing out too much.

Read the full review of Logitech's Z523 speaker system to find out how it sounds.

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