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Logitech's mouse infestation

Logitech's mouse infestation

Every now and then an innovative new mouse comes out and impresses us. Logitech did just that last year when it released the MX1000, and with today's announcement of the Logitech MX610 Cordless Laser Mouse, we were again impressed. This "smart" mouse works with your PC to give alerts via flashing lights on the mouse when you've received an e-mail or an instant message. And since it has a range of up to 30 feet, it can function as a kind of pager-—take it to the kitchen with you when you need to know when you get an e-mail or an IM. It also senses when the PC is on or off and powers down accordingly, and it can sense signal interference and automatically switch channels.

Logitech also announced the sporty-looking V400 Laser Cordless Mouse; the LX7 Cordless Optical Mouse, a basic cordless mouse; and the V270 Cordless Optical Notebook Mouse for Bluetooth.

The MX610 retails for $59.99, the V400 and the V270 retail for $49.99, and the LX7 will cost only $39.99. They should all be on shelves in October.