Logitech's M600 enters the touch mouse fray

Logitech joins Apple and Microsoft in offering a touch-based mouse.


Joining Apple and Microsoft, Logitech finally has its own touch mouse.

The Logitech M600, announced today, will have a $70 suggested retail price when it ships later this month. That price will likely fall as it hits the retail channel, but it puts it in the same recommended price range as Apple's Magic Mouse and Microsoft's Touch Mouse.

Whatever its real-world cost, the M600's highlight is that it provides full surface touch sensitivity, which Logitech, in its press release, compares with that of a smartphone. The idea is not new, but it's the first such mouse from Logitech.

Like the Apple and Microsoft mice, you can still click on the M600 as normal via a physical button mechanism. Also like those other mice, Logitech says the M600 has multigesture navigation, including swipes for Web page navigation.

Aside from its design and its touch input, the M600 seems to be a fairly straightforward entry in Logitech's mouse lineup. The mouse uses a laser sensor, and it's also a member of Logitech's Unified peripheral family. That means you can connect the M600 and up to five other Unified-branded devices to a PC via a single USB micro-receiver.

Logitech says it sent an M600 review unit to show up today or tomorrow. I'll go hands-on as soon as it arrives. I'm of course curious about the M600, but I'm probably more eager for another chance to play around with the Logitech Cube mouse it was showing off at CES. Look for more coverage of that thing soon as well.

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