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Logitech Wave: Best keyboard ever?

We've had the considerable pleasure of fingering the bizarrely-shaped Logitech Wave keyboard, and it's bliss we tell you, digital bliss

This weekend we've had the considerable pleasure of fingering the new Logitech Wave keyboard, and we think it's one of the most comfortable, ergonomic and downright sexy input devices ever. It's bliss we tell you, digital bliss.

Its main selling point is its wave-shaped key layout. Buttons that sit below your middle and ring fingers are sunken lower into the keyboard chassis than those pressed by your shorter index and pinky fingers. It's not quite as ergonomically efficient as a split keyboard, but it helps you achieve a more comfortable typing position without having to retrain your fingers.

Then there's the feel of the keys. They have the perfect amount of travel, and the soft-but-springy action means long bouts of high-speed typing needn't be tiring. There's an abundance of shortcut buttons for controlling volume, playback, screen zooming, plus two-touch access to Microsoft Word, Excel, your Web browser and messenger clients. And did we mention the soft, suede-esque palm-rest?

Honestly, everything about it feels so right. If you're looking for a replacement keyboard and have £34.99 to spend, look no further Logitech also does a Cordless Desktop Wave, a wireless version that comes with a mouse, for under £50. -Rory Reid