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Logitech wants to click with your fantasies

The peripherals maker is out with its new Fantasy Collection, a series of mice, keyboards, Webcams, and more in various colors and designs.

Logitech's wireless M305 mouse gets the the Pink Balance treatment as part of the company's new Fantasy Collection (click to enlarge). Logitech

Logitech is ready to indulge your deepest fantasies--if, that is, those fantasies involve a pink or blue computer mouse with a pattern on it. The device maker is out with a new Fantasy Collection, a series of peripherals including mice, keyboards, portable lap desks, and Webcams, in various colors and designs.

The Blue Swirl motif, for example, features asymmetric, overlapping rings inspired by the ripple effect from a raindrop on a still pond. The Pink Balance design, described as "daring, exciting, flirty, playful, and spirited," shows an artful leaping acrobat. All offerings in the Fantasy Collection (more than 15 total) are meant "to set your imagination free," Logitech says.

OK, that pitch might be a tad dramatic, but we certainly support the move toward adding a little zip and personality to boring old computer peripherals--for those who are into such customization.

Most pieces in the Logitech Fantasy Collection go for $40 or less. You'll be able to live out your secret mouse and keyboard fantasies later this month in the U.S. and many Latin American countries, and in Europe later this summer.