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Logitech uncloaks cordless desktop combos

Peripheral maker releases four new keyboard-and-mouse packages; one lets you control your desktop from 60 feet away. Photos: Logitech's new bling

A day after releasing a new Web cam, Logitech announced a batch of mouse-and-keyboard combinations on Tuesday, including one that lets you control your desktop from 60 feet away.

The PC gadget maker's four latest peripheral products include the diNovo Media Desktop Laser, the next version of the company's flagship media package. It comes in silver-metallic finish with blue accents and features a detached, multipurpose number pad that can act as a remote control.

New Logitech products

The pad also has an interactive display that shows incoming instant messages and e-mails, and displays the status of instant-messenger buddies. In addition, the pad can be used as a standalone calculator.

The diNovo package comes with the MX 1000 laser cordless mouse originally launched last year and a Bluetooth wireless-enabled keyboard, which the Swiss-American company said could let customers transmit a picture from a mobile phone or camera to the PC or use a wireless headset to conduct voice over Internet protocol, or VoIP, phone calls.

The product is expected to ship in October in the U.S. and Europe with a $199.99 price tag.

While Logitech isn't alone in creating multifunction keyboards, more designs are catching the eye of consumers who are looking for more than basic black or tan. Cases in point are a couple of from two separate design firms in Russia.

Logitech has upgraded its other multifunction products as well. The company's MX 5000 cordless mouse and keyboard features a built-in LCD (liquid-crystal display) that can display e-mail and instant-message notifications, as well show music player information. The combination is also equipped with Bluetooth wireless and is expected to ship in October for $149.99.

Take away the LCD display and the Bluetooth and you get Logitech's cordless MX 3000. Available beginning this month in Europe and the U.S. for $99, the package includes a laser-based mouse with Logitech's low-profile keyboard. The 12 function keys have a second mode that allows the owner to program separate actions such as going to a particular Web site or opening an e-mail program.

Logitech is also offering a cordless S 510 keyboard that includes a remote control for the PC and other devices. The package comes with an 800 dpi optical mouse, and a keyboard uses the 27MHz wireless spectrum with a range of 16 feet. The device has seven customizable keys, including three smart keys.

The mouse-keyboard remote is expected to be available in September for $99.99. A version without a remote or mini-receiver will also be available for $79.99, Logitech said.

Last week, Logitech took the wraps off for PC game enthusiasts, including a programmable keyboard with an LCD and two mice with laser tracking technology.