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Logitech snaps up Ultimate Ears for $34 million

The Switzerland-based accessory powerhouse adds Ultimate Ears to its growing portfolio.

Ultimate Ears/Logitech logos
Ultimate Ears' Web site is already trumpeting the acquisition. Ultimate Ears

Logitech on Thursday announced that it will be acquiring headphone-manufacturer Ultimate Ears for $34 million. The all-cash deal is expected to close later this month, but signs of the impending integration are already apparent on the Web sites of both companies ( and

Ultimate Ears specializes in in-ear "canal phones" for portable audio devices such as the iPod. While the company's flagship UE-10 Pro model--a set of headphones that are custom-molded to the listener's ears--cost upwards of $900, the product line includes plenty of other headphone products in the more mainstream $40-$250 range.

Prior to the Ultimate Ears acquisition, Logitech's only headphone products were PC and Bluetooth headsets. Going forward, the Ultimate Ears products--which have generally scored high marks from professional reviewers, CNET included--will gain access to Logitech's massive marketing and retail distribution resources. It's a formula that's worked for Logitech in the past: through acquisitions such as Intrigue Technologies and Slim Devices, Logitech has supersized products such as the once-obscure Harmony universal remotes and Squeezebox network audio streamers into mainstream consumer electronics success stories.