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Logitech pushes weights

Logitech pushes weights

We suspect that bringing a mouse with a customizable weighting system to a LAN party is like bringing your own cue to the bar. You'll look real dumb if you don't know how to use it. We'll be seeing more of these before the end of the year, but Logitech's G5 Laser mouse, announced today, is the first we've gotten to play with.

The G5 includes a small plastic tray into which you can insert up to eight Altoid-sized metal weights. The weights, stored separately in their own tin, come in 1.7 gram and 4.5 gram increments. The idea is that, in first person shooters, a heavy mouse accommodates slow and deliberate targeting, sniping, for example. Lighter is better for faster, run-and-gun style gaming. It's also the second mouse from Logitech (and we loved the first) that uses a laser for tracking movement, as opposed to a less-sensitive LED.