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Logitech pulls Control Center 1.2, reposts 1.1.1

Logitech pulls Control Center 1.2, reposts 1.1.1

Logitech has apparently pulled version 1.2 of its Control Center software from a listing on its Web site - which provides support for the company's mice and keyboards - though the software remains available through another download link.

Version 1.2 has been replaced with version 1.1.1 on Logitech's site. The new release was intended to introduce support for new mice.

MacFixIt reader Craig Crossman has some insight on why the release was pulled:

"I was told that Logitech has pulled the recently released Logitech Control Center version 1.2 from their web site and reposted the 1.1.1 release. I have been informed that they have already identified the problem and have fixed the Accelerated Scroll bug that surfaced in 1.2. That version is now at Logitech's quality control group for verification. The corrected version should be available shortly."

Last week we reported the accelerated scroll bug problem and noted the fix of reverting to version 1.1.1, available here.

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