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Logitech launches UE Boom

The company is calling the compact, water-resistant Bluetooth speaker a "social media player".

The UE Boom from Logitech is a small, 360-degree speaker designed for outdoor use.

(Credit: Logitech)

Just 18cm tall and around 540g in weight, the speaker has a stain- and water-resistant coating on the fabric cover. Logitech claims a 15-hour battery life for the device.

The Boom uses Bluetooth to pair, and can actually pair with two separate devices simultaneously, allowing two users to share the speaker and take turns to play music through it. This is where the "social" aspect of the Boom comes from.

Two Booms can also be paired to a single mobile device to produce a stereo-style sound.

Sound wise, the speaker has two 1.5-inch full-range drivers, and two 2-inch passive radiators, and can pump out sound at up to 88dB — slightly louder than a diesel truck doing 65km/h when heard from 15 metres away.

The UE Boom is AU$199, and is available now from Apple Stores, JB Hi-Fi and other retailers. Available colours include black, red, blue and white.