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Logitech introduces next-gen wireless headphones

Logitech introduces FreePulse wireless headphones at CES 2007.

Wireless headphones aren't new, but portable wireless headphones haven't exactly flooded the market. And many of those that have been released have suffered from poor wireless reception, subpar audio quality, and uncomfortable or fragile designs. Logitech aims to remedy such problems with its second-generation wireless headphones, called FreePulse Wireless.

The FreePulse Wireless headphones use Bluetooth 2.0 Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) wireless technology, and they work with any MP3 player that has a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. Though built-in iPod control would have been a welcome feature for many users, I'm happy to see that the company went with a more universal design. The headphones feature a flexible, high-carbon spring-steel headband (or, more appropriately, neckband), which makes them lighter (2.1 ounces, to be exact) and more durable than Logitech's first-generation wireless headphones. And there are ear loops built in to offer a more secure fit. The rechargeable batteries in both the headphones and the adapter are rated for more than six hours of playtime, which is about average for this type of product.

I had a chance to use the FreePulse headphones at a Logitech sneak-peek event and was impressed by the audio quality. I didn't wander too far from the transmitter, so I'm not sure how accurate the purported 33-foot range is. But I was keenly aware of the headphones' open-style design--anyone within a few feet can hear what song you're rockin'. Personally, this isn't my preference in headphones, but some people prefer the open sound it provides. The FreePulse Wireless headphones are due out in October and have a suggested price of $99.99.