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Logitech goes wireless with its PS3 racing wheel

Logitech has released the company's first wireless racing wheel for the PS3.

Serious fans of racing games on the PS3 have found the Logitech Driving Force GT to be the steering wheel of choice, with its force feedback, gearshift, and three-pedal configuration going a long way to recreating the on-track experience of Formula One, NASCAR, and so on. But that unit's $150 price tag, excess of cables, and setup requirements (it needs to be clamped to a table) made it a tough choice for all but the most dedicated race fan. More casual driving and racing aficionados will be happy, then, to see the newly announced Driving Force Wireless. While the single-housing steering wheel drops the gearshift and outboard pedals, it maintains the force feedback feature of the step-up model. Moreover, it's wireless (except for the power cord) and utilizes a contoured, expandable lap rest rather than a table clamp--making it a lot easier to pack up and toss in a closet when not in use. Look for the Driving Force Wireless to hit stores soon for $100.

Logitech Driving Force Wireless