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Logitech G110 gaming keyboard adds many macros, many purples

The long-awaited successor to Logitech's G11 gaming keyboard is slimmer, more customizable, and ever so purple.


Years ago, we reviewed the Logitech Gaming Keyboard G11 and found that it was pretty great, except for being unfortunately large and lacking USB 2.0. The company's newest update, the Gaming Keyboard G110, certainly looks to have addressed those issues with a much slimmer base and a more efficiently compact key layout.

Backlit LED keys can be set to red, blue, or "any shade between," meaning a veritable spectrum of purples are yours to savor. Twelve programmable G keys can store macros up to 36 characters long, and an MR button allows adding macros spontaneously, in case any new ones come to you midgame.

On the back is a USB 2.0 hub port, along with dedicated headphone and mic jacks so gamers can also plug in their headset of choice and any other mouse, control pad, or other peripheral that comes to mind when fragging.

The G110 comes out in November for $79.99.