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Logitech elevates the wireless keyboard

Logitech elevates the wireless keyboard

We liked Logitech's DiNovo Media Desktop über keyboard set well enough when it debuted back in 2003. It's since undergone various updates, but the core design has remained the same. As you can see from its picture, Logitech's new laser-cut Plexiglas, brushed-aluminum DiNovo Edge, announced this morning, is more than a simple update.

Logitech brought the DiNovo Edge by for us to play with briefly a week or so ago and explained some of the reasoning behind the new design. Apparently one of the most requested capabilities was making the wireless keyboard rechargeable. That's what the base unit is for, which also doubles as a display stand. The new unit no longer comes with a mouse, as Logitech found that most people would rather bring their own. In its place, Logitech has added a touch-sensitive pad on the side to help with navigation.

Design-wise, the DiNovo Edge looks just as pretty in real life as it does in its picture. One appearance tweak we really like is the hidden hot keys, which aren't really keys anymore. Instead, when you hold down the Fn button, an orange light illuminates previously invisible symbols behind the top row of F-buttons, indicating their alternate functions for launching e-mail, a Web browser, and other applications. You'll note that it doesn't have a number pad, which helps reduce its width for a more living room-friendly appearance. And, like the original DiNovo, the Edge comes with Bluetooth capability, but Logitech has added its own RFID-based Bluetooth pairing technology between the keyboard and the USB mini receiver, circumventing Windows' cumbersome Bluetooth install process.

Like all of the DiNovo keyboards, the Edge won't come cheap. When it hits stores in the beginning of November, it'll cost about $200. We'll let you know if it's worth it just as soon as we can get one in for a full review.