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Logitech diNovo Edge gives us the PerfectStroke

A keyboard that costs £150 has to be pretty special. The Logitech diNovo Edge is all that and a bag of potato chips

There are keyboards, and there are keyboards, and then there's the Logitech diNovo series -- the most extravagant input devices known to nerd-kind. We've just received pictures of the latest version, the diNovo Edge, which we think is far sexier than its predecessor.

According to Logitech, it's laser-cut from a single, semi-translucent piece of black Plexiglas and set into a brushed-aluminium frame. The company also reckons it has a minimalist style due to the "limited number of buttons". That's something we've never heard said about a keyboard. Still, we love the touch-sensitive back-lit icons that disappear when not in use, and the volume slider's a nice touch.

The Edge comes with a circular navigation wheel called the TouchDisc. It acts like a standard laptop mouse trackpad, but moving your finger in a circular motion around its perimeter lets you scroll horizontally and vertically through documents. There's also a special Vista start key that launches the Vista start menu, and an F-key search button that gives one-touch access to Vista's search feature.

The Edge is completely wireless and comes with a Bluetooth dongle for your PC. It's also Logitech's first rechargeable keyboard and comes with its own docking cradle. We're not sure about the fact that it sits bolt upright while charging, but we'll reserve judgement until we get a hands-on.

Speaking of hands, the diNovo Edge incorporates what Logitech likes to call the 'PerfectStroke' key system, which purportedly minimises typos by requiring the user to apply more force when typing. Again, we'll reserve judgement until we stroke one ourselves.

The Logitech diNovo Edge is available from early November for the princely sum of £150. -RR