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Logitech debuts new Wireless Solar Keyboard K760 for Mac, iPhone, and iPad

The K760 is Logitech's latest entry in its expanding line of solar-powered Blueooth keyboards.

Logitech's Wireless Solar Keyboard K760 ships in June for $79.99 (click to enlarge). Logitech

Meet the new Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K760, the successor to Logitech's first solar keyboard, the K750, which earned a CNET Editors' Choice.

From a design standpoint, the K760 is more compact than the K750 and more closely resembles Apple's own Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard with the addition of the strip of solar cells at the top of the unit.

The K760 is designed for use with Macs, as well as iOS devices. Logitech

The key feature upgrade here is something that Logitech calls "Bluetooth connectivity with easy-switching capability." What that means is you can pair multiple devices -- such as a Mac, iPad, or iPhone -- and quickly switch among them with the push of a button without having to reconnect.

We got a demo in advance of the launch and can attest to the fact that the feature works as advertised. You can pair the keyboard to as many as three devices (in the demo, we switched from using the keyboard with an iMac to an iPad).

Like the earlier K750 and Logitech's just-introduced Solar Keyboard Folio for iPad, you can charge this keyboard in any light whether it be lamp light or sunlight. Logitech says that fully powered the keyboard works for at least three months, even in total darkness (based on average use per day of eight hours).

The price tag on the Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K760 is $79.99 and it should start shipping in the next couple of weeks. No word on when or if Logitech will offer a Windows version of the keyboard but it seems like a safe bet to assume that something's in the works.