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Logitech debuts four new Webcams at CeBit

Logitech debuts four new Webcams at CeBit

Logitech Webcams may be known for their good performance, but it's their large eyeball design that has made them one of the most recognizable shapes in the Webcam industry. Today at CeBit, Logitech released four new Webcams, and though the company stuck with the eyeball design, these cameras are substantially smaller: a mere 1.7 inches wide--33 percent smaller than previous eyeball models, such as the Logitech QuickCam Pro 4000

This new series of Webcams includes the Logitech Quick Cam Connect (or in the United States, Logitech QuickCam IM), QuickCam Messenger, QuickCam Chat, and QuickCam Express. All four of these Webcams feature a clawlike clip (we've seen similar stands from Creative) that's most compatible with thin LCD screens or laptop screens but can also sit on a desk. Though these kinds of clips will secure the Webcam to your monitor, we wish Logitech had integrated the flexible and more modern-looking tail design we've seen on the QuickCam Fusion and QuickCam Pro 5000. The QuickCam Connect and QuickCam Messenger Webcams each feature an integrated microphone, but we hope they include headphones in the package, as most built-in microphones pick up a lot of ambient noise. Logitech?s newest QuickCam Webcams will come in a variety of colors, and in some regions, Logitech will offer interchangeable faceplates that allow people to personalize the cameras.

All four Webcams are fairly low price, falling in the $24.99 to $39.99 range, and we're excited to see how their performance stacks up to Logitech's more expensive Fusion and Pro 5000 offerings.