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Logitech announces more peripherals at CeBit

Logitech announces more peripherals at CeBit

Logitech is on a roll announcing peripherals at CeBit, with four new Webcams and a plethora of other home-entertainment and audio products. In the input-device category, Logitech announced four laser mice to target niche audiences: gamers, left-handers, notebook PC users, and desktop PC users.

The first mouse, one made especially for lefties, is the Logitech MX610--we reviewed the right-handed version in 2005. Just like the rightie-only version, the new MX610 features e-mail and instant-messaging alerts, as well as volume controls, two programmable thumb buttons, and a four-way scrollwheel. This is one of the few mice on the market made specifically for lefties, and it will be available in early April for $59.99.

The Logitech MX400 Precision Laser mouse, which is aimed at desktop PC users, will hit shelves in April for $39.99. This corded mouse is meant for everyday use; it offers two thumb buttons, which we assume default to forward and back functions, and a tilt scrollwheel. In the notebook mouse category, Logitech introduced the V150 Laser Mouse for Notebooks. This corded mouse features plug-and-play functionality and will be available in June for $29.99. It looks suspiciously similar to Microsoft's Notebook Optical Mouse 3000, with racing stripes on the side, but the Logitech version costs about $6 less and looks slightly larger. The V150 features tilt-wheel functionality, but it doesn't have any extra function buttons.

Lastly, Logitech is offering an upgrade to its G7 gaming mouse, which we reviewed in 2005. The updated version, which will be available only in Europe, has a new color--a sleek two-tone black--and comes with a travel case, making the G7 easily portable to LAN parties and beyond. There's no word on whether this option will be available in America anytime soon.