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See Wolverine 'Logan' movie trailer re-created in Lego

This impressive fan-made trailer makes Wolverine look even more weary in Lego form.

Marvel superheroes are a complicated lot. Many of them have both tragic and complex backstories, and Wolverine is one of the more troubled characters who just can't seem to shake his past, as fans will soon learn in the upcoming film "Logan."

Fan Austin Williams (who uses the name thebrickranger on YouTube) made a shot-for-shot re-creation of the "Logan" trailer with Lego bricks that conveys the same kind of action and emotion as the real movie trailer.

The video shows the bearded, morose Wolverine as a Lego minifigure with blood on his hands as he fights the bad guys to protect a mutant girl with similar abilities.

The Johnny Cash cover of Nine Inch Nails' ballad "Hurt" and the movie character dialogue are taken straight from the original trailer, which makes this stop-motion Lego trailer feel even more authentic.

While "Logan" might be too bloody for any official Lego toys, this trailer makes me wish for official bloody Wolverine minifigs.

"Logan" is due in theaters in March 2017.