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Log out in style with a custom coffin

Whatever it is you'd die for, the Ga coffin carpenters of Ghana have the perfect casket for you.

If you wouldn't be caught dead without your phone, the Ga coffin carpenters of Ghana have the perfect coffin for you.

This Nokia phone coffin is just one of several custom-designed caskets from Accra, Ghana. And here's the best part: you can e-mail your own ideas to eShopAfrica to have your own design created.

If you'd rather opt for cremation, or if you're blessed with eternal life, you can still get in on these hand-crafted gems. The Ga carpenters also make custom chests, such as this mouse-themed container (complete with scroll wheel).

Here are some particularly juicy picks for car and plane enthusiasts anticipating their own personal blue screen of deawth.

For existing designs, prices range from $125 for a desktop chest to $1,000 for a six-foot chest. See eShopAfrica's coffin gallery here, and learn how they make them here.

What would your custom coffin be? Post the casket of your dreams in the TalkBack section below.