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Loewe's new 3D TV is a true Individual

Latest Loewe 3D TV offers a plethora of design options, including the shade of the TV chassis and color accents on the sides of the bezel. But it's only available in Europe for now.

Individual Compose 3D
The "Ebony" faux-wood side panel option looks quite classy. Loewe

A walk through a major electronic store these days would show you just how far HDTVs have come in the style department. But if there's one thing they lack, it's customizability.

The latest 3D TV from Loewe, called the Individual 3D, gives owners a plethora of design options. These include the shade of the TV chassis, the color accents on the sides of the bezel, various matching speaker options, and some swanky-looking TV stands.

Just how much customization is available? The chassis comes in three colors--black, silver, and white--while buyers can choose from seven default shades for the color accents on the sides, with a custom option for fussier home A/V buffs to choose a specific hue. Loewe even makes several matching TV stands and speakers that include a pair of 3.7-foot-tall electrostatics, which reproduce sound using static electricity.

stands for Individual Compose
The selection of stands available for the Individual Compose. Loewe

Spec-wise, Loewe's new 3D TVs sport full-HD resolution and simulated 400Hz refresh rates and use active shutter glasses. They are also smart TVs with a function the company calls Loewe MediaNet that allows for Web browsing and accessing online content.

The Individual 3D comes in four sizes with the smallest set--a 32-incher-- costing a cool 3,400 euros ($4,923). The largest 55-inch model will set you back 6,300 euros ($9,122). Unfortunately, the sets are only available in Europe at the moment.

(Source: Crave Asia via Ubergizmo)