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Lock it in Eddie, Buzz goes ocker

You can test your knowledge of all things Aussie with Sony Computer Entertainment's latest installment in its Buzz trivia franchise, Buzz! Brain of Oz.

Sony Computer Entertainment Australia has announced the latest installment in its Buzz trivia franchise, Buzz! Brain of Oz.

Buzz brushes up on his Australian capital cities
(Credit: Sony Computer Entertainment Australia)

There will be three versions of Brain of Oz, one each for PlayStation 3, PSP and PS2. Naturally the PS3 version will be the most fully featured, with over 4,000 questions — many, apparently, wrapped up in a boxing kangaroo flag, waving a half-drunk can of VB and imploring you to "'ave a go, ya mug!". As with the current Buzz! Quiz TV release, PS3 Buzz-maniacs will be able to compete with others in far away places, such as Iron Knob, Maiden Gully and Blowhard, from the comfort of their own couch. Alternatively, up to eight players can huddle around a TV and berate each other in a horribly un-Australian type of way.

The PS3 version will be AU$59.95 standalone, or AU$109.95 when bundled with a set of four wireless buzzers. Disappointingly you can't upgrade Buzz! Quiz TV to Brain of Oz via the PlayStation Network. If you're living in a PS2-only household, the new Buzz will retail for AU$59.95 standalone or AU$99.95 with a set of wired buzzers. The six-player PSP version has an RRP of AU$49.95. All three versions arrive here in March.

If you're one of the 22 per cent of Australians born overseas, you can try your hand at Buzz! Brain of the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany or Spain. Naturally, though, you'll have to import these yourself.