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Living with Tech: Greening your ride and home

This month's Living with Technology feature covers green tech, including a look ahead at electric cars and power-generating homes.

Need some ideas on how to have a more eco-friendly lifestyle? Take a look at CNET's Living with Technology feature, which is focused on green tech this month.

The top story and photo gallery are about cars. With all the talk about electric cars like the Tesla Roadster and plug-in hybrids, you would think that the dealer lots are full of them. They're not.

Click on the image to see a photo gallery of Genzyme Center, a Platinum-level green building. Martin LaMonica/CNET News

But automakers, eager to appeal to consumers looking for more fuel-efficient cars, are pushing to make production plug-in hybrids available within two or three years. The dates are shifting as results from battery tests come in, so it's worth monitoring.

In the meantime, there are a growing number of hybrids and fuel-efficient cars you can check out in the photo gallery.

The other place to lower your environmental footprint is in the home. The first things you should do are the least sexy: get an energy audit, buy Energy Star appliances, and pile up more insulation. As I said in our Earth Day special package, it's not that hard taking a few steps to lower your energy use.

Beyond that, you can start talking about making your energy at home. Check out this story that covers solar hot water, solar electric, wind, and community-based distributed energy plans.

If you want a look at how the Maserati of green buildings operates, take a look at this video and photo gallery. It's a profile of Genzyme Center, corporate headquarters of the biotechnology company in Cambridge, Mass., and a Platinum-level LEED-certified green building. You might even get a few ideas (daylighting) for your home.