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Living with robots

In an article about robots by Associate Editor Leslie Katz, she talks about humanoid robots and how helpful they are. It's perfectly clear when looking at these little helpers that they are, in fact, little robots.

On the other extreme, Repilee from the Q1Expo looks eerily realistic. Creepy, in fact. Rebilee is a little too "iRobot " for comfort.

It's human nature to personify robots. My daughter absolutely loves her Hasbro iDog which she has named "Magic." "I love you, Magic," she says every night. The puppy barks back approvingly.

There is clearly a human need to create and a need to personify. I'm going to stick with "safe" kids toys when I feel the need to connect with my personal robot. For the Dr. Frankenstein in me, I'm going to feed my need to create autonomous creatures with the HexCrawler from Parallax.