Live whiteboard collaboration with Scriblink

Collaborate live with five other people using Scriblink

Looking for a quick way to pass along ideas with a few other folks? Check out Scriblink, a new site for whiteboarding and conference calling. Setup is dead simple--just load the page and give the service your name to get going. There's a half-page workspace to sketch and write down ideas, a full color pallet to differentiate each user, and an undo button that will let you get rid of every addition you've made. There's also built-in multi-user chat on the right-hand side. If you feel like talking, the service can set up a free conference line (using to dial in to, although this is in no way integrated into the shared workspace.

In case you feel like saving your work, just give it your e-mail address, and the site will give you a permalink to access it whenever you feel like it--although Scriblink doesn't have to hold on to your workspace forever. It promises two months minimum, but if it's important, you'd be wise to save a copy locally or e-mail to yourself.

Scriblink does have a few limitations. You can only have up to five people in a workspace at once, and the actual differentiation of who added what is limited to the color pallet, which means if users change their color and you weren't paying attention, you won't know who made the edit. I'd also like to see the service let you save your workplace as a JPEG or PDF file for easy archiving. If you're a small business looking for a more robust and scalable collaboration application, I'd recommend Octopz (review), Vyew (review) or Yugma (review).

Draw and chat on the same page with Scriblink--a free whiteboard collaboration application. CNET Networks
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