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Live Blog: Microsoft's next-generation Xbox event

Xbox fanatics and insomniacs take heed: CNET will be live blogging the event from Wednesday morning, 3am AEST.

We've had hardware rumours and name rumours and rumours of "always on internet connectivity" that have not exactly gone down well with the gaming community at large.

(Credit: Microsoft Australia)

But all that will come to an end at 3am Wednesday morning, 22 May, when Microsoft finally reveals the next iteration of its Xbox console.

Microsoft has the advantage of already seeing the basics of what Sony intends to do with the PS4, although in terms of development cycles, we can't image it's had time to make too many changes based around its rival's offering.

So what's definitely coming tomorrow? A device with faster processing power, lots of memory and an interface that works for gaming and entertainment is a given. Everything else is up for grabs.

So if you're up, watch below from 3am for CNET's live coverage of the Xbox event.