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littleBits goes big, closes $3.65 million funding round

The open-source "Lego of the future" takes it next steps.


littleBits, makers of the eponymous educational circuitry kits, has announced the close of its series A funding round this morning, having taken in $3.65 million from various investors. True Ventures, funder of companies like MakerBot and FitBit, leads the group, with Khosla Ventures, O'Reilly AlphaTech Ventures, and Lerer Ventures pitching in.

Along with the funding, littleBits has also announced that supply chain and manufacturing firm PCH International will be helping to scale up production.

littleBits kits are made up of a series of electronic modules that connect together with magnets, with a color-coding system to guide assembly. Each module performs a different function, either providing power, sensing an input, or generating some kind of output (light, motion, etc.). Assemble the kits into circuits, connect the custom 9-volt battery to power it, and you have a rudimentary electronic device.

CNET alumna Bonnie Cha built a cardboard robot with light-up eyes using the $89 littleBits base set this past February. You can also purchase accessory modules with different functions for about $20.

In addition to presumed plans to churn out ever more "bits," littleBits CEO Ayah Bdeir says her New York-based company intends to use its new funding to "expand our team of superstars and reach even more people around the world."