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Little megazoom camcorder from Panasonic

The SDR-S26 doesn't have any internal storage (it's SD/SDHC cards or nothing), but it does have Panasonic's new "world's first" 70x optical zoom.


Available in champagne, black, blue, and red, the compact SDR-S26 camcorder features no internal memory for storing video (it records only to SD/SDHC cards), but shares the features of the newly announced hard-drive-based SDR-H80 and SDR-H90. This includes its 70x megazoom lens and advanced O.I.S system to help control the resulting--and potentially nauseating--effects of hand-shake when its fully extended.

Other key features include a fast quick-start option for recording in less than a second and the company's iA technology that does face detection and automatic scene recognition.

It rolls out in April 2009 at the cost of $329.95.