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Little iPhone, big lenses

If you've really been waiting to attach your Canon or Nikon lens to your iPhone, now you can.


While I don't understand why you'd want to do it, other than because you can (and a desire to be able to say in your Flickr stream that you did), you can now attach Canon and Nikon lenses to your iPhone. Photojojo, a source of photo-accessory awesomeness, grants your wish with the $190 iPhone SLR Mount.

It's an idea that's easy to mock, especially given Photojojo's suggested photo of it with a huge Canon lens attached, but it might not be quite so laughable with a pancake prime or Lensbaby. Or if it were a mount for a smaller Micro Four Thirds lens. But Photojojo's got a lot of cheaper, more size-compatible add-on lenses for your iPhone, like this iPhone Telephoto lens. Even better, if you want that kind of creative flexibility, use a camera.