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Lithuanians love their cell phones

The Baltic country has the most widespread cell phone use says the Economist.

Lots to say in Lithuania

It's that time of year again when the Economist delivers a deluge of facts with its annual "Pocket World in Figures." For data and statistics lovers it's a treasure chest of factoids on everything from the GDP of Bolivia to the country with the greatest number of drinkers (Czech Republic, in case you were wondering).

One of my favorite sections details countries with the highest ownership of cell phones. The lucky country in the 2008 edition was the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, but this year the honor falls to the Republic of Lithuania.

According to the book, Lithuania has 138.1 cell phone subscribers per 100 people. Though we're not talking about a hugely populous country here--3.56 million or so--that still makes for an awfully large number of cell phones. Meanwhile, Luxembourg dropped to 11th place with 116.8 cell phones per 100 people.

The remaining top 10 countries in order were Macau, Italy, Hong Kong, Trinidad and Tobago, Estonia, Bahrain, Israel, Czech Republic, and United Arab Emirates. If you include Macau and Hong Kong as part of China, then the United Kingdom and Luxembourg would make the top 10. The United States and Canada didn't register in the top 50 nations.