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Listpic returns with classifieds from

Listpic rebounds after a shutdown by Craigslist, returning to the classifieds market with listings from

Listpic, the controversial visual front-end for Craigslist, has made the switch to classifieds service The change comes after last week's cease and desist order from Craigslist, which forced Listpic to discontinue scraping data from the popular classifieds service. Listpic was apparently sucking up so much of Craigslist's bandwidth that the site's performance had suffered. Craigslist then fired back with legal action. is a service that aggregates classifieds listings from a number of local and national sites. It claims to let users search over 20 million listings that have been pulled from more than 75,000 classified sites.

Before the current swap, creator Ryan Sit had temporarily moved the service to, which hosts its own classifieds service. Listpic has retained the same, simplistic look and feel, visual thumbnail browsing, and the advertisements that coincidentally got it into trouble in the first place.

Listpic classifieds now come from instead of Craigslist. CNET Networks