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Washing Machines

Listen up, this GE washing machine can talk

The $100 Talking Laundry Module plugs into existing washers and dryers, and audibly announces settings for vision-impaired owners.


The Talking Laundry Module.


Are you ready to have a conversation with your washing machine?

As ridiculous as that sounds, the $99 Talking Laundry Module was designed by GE's microfactory to help the visually impaired do their laundry. Plug it into this existing GE washer or a connected Electric or Gas GE dryer and it'll read your cycle selections aloud. You'll be able to control the volume with a knob, and even press a button for an estimate of the time remaining in your cycle.

GE's microfactory in Louisville, Kentucky -- called FirstBuild -- developed the technology in collaboration with the Kentucky School for the Blind and the American Printing House for the Blind. A 14-year-old member of the FirstBuild community took the lead on programming the module.

The Talking Laundry Module is available now in limited quantities on FirstBuild's site. As it hasn't hit mass production yet, the site warns to expect delivery to take four to six weeks.