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Listen to the Star Wars theme made with nothing but airline noises

Flight attendants walking. Maintenance tools buzzing. Tickets printing. All Nippon Airways recorded the sounds of running an airline and transformed them into the Star Wars theme.

Japan's All Nippon Airways is already a minor Star Wars legend for its over-the-top airplane decorated to look like R2-D2 crossed with a tube of caulk. Now the airline is celebrating Star Wars Day on May the Fourth with a unique take on the famous theme song used to open the Star Wars movies. There are no orchestra instruments here. The sounds are all from a day's work at All Nippon.

Everybody from the aircraft mechanics to the flight attendants to the captains takes part in the celebratory recording. Power tools, the clicking of the cabin crew's footwear, a sander, and water pouring into a carafe all take their moments in the spotlight.

The video also features cameos by rolling droid BB-8 and All Nippon's BB-8 and R2-D2 jets. If you're into weird renditions of Star Wars music, then you'll want to check out the "Imperial March" as sung by a screaming toad (so soothing) or a 3D printer (so mechanical).