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Listen to the 2600 hacker conference

If you can't attend The Last HOPE conference, held in New York from Friday through Sunday, you can listen to streams of hacking-focused discussion over the Internet.


The seventh Hackers on Planet Earth conference, organized by 2600, starts Friday in New York. If you can't be at The Last HOPE, you can listen online.

Radio Statler (the hotel hosting the conference used to be called The Statler) will be broadcasting from The station will be live from 10 a.m. ET Friday until the close of the conference at 8 p.m. on Sunday.

There isn't a published schedule, most likely because there isn't an unpublished one, either. Plans are to stream the keynote presentations and other popular seminars, interview some of the speakers, carry reports from roving reporters, and talk to some of the attendees.

Hackers with their own podcasts are also invited to contribute. With a project manager named "LexIcon" a chief engineer who goes by "nikgod," it should be interesting. I'll be there, and maybe they'll even have a few minutes to talk to me.

For more, see 2600 HOPE conference bringing hacking to New York City and the Wikipedia entry for the HOPE conferences. Audio is still available from the prior HOPE conference.

Update July 18, 2008: There are two radio stations at The Last Hope. W2H (according to Bernie S., those are real, albeit temporary, call letters) is a ham radio station.

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