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LinuxWorld: Approaching a standard

The 2002 edition of the OS show spotlights the latest news: Can different versions of Linux get along with one another? Also: New gadgets draw big crowds.


By CNET Staff
January 31, 2002, 3:25 p.m. PST

The spotlight is on the Linux operating system as the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo kicks into gear. Companies large and small are flocking to New York to tout their latest products, services and successes.

IBM puts Linux converts on display
Big Blue is on a mission to convince others that the operating system is worthy of real-world use, though it acknowledges that its own interests are a motivation.

Bridging Linux language barriers
The first results of an effort to ensure that different versions of the operating system will work similarly are released.

Gadgets draw a crowd at Linux show
Crowds are down at LinuxWorld Conference and Expo, but there has still been a mob surrounding the booth with Sharp's Linux-powered Zaurus handheld.

Telecom giants join Linux effort
Several telecommunications companies have begun an effort to improve Linux for their own market, an offshoot of a project geared toward grooming Linux for high-end servers.

Linux server start-up nabs Credit Suisse
Egenera, betting that financial services companies and other customers will like its expensive Linux servers, has found its first customer in Credit Suisse First Boston.

Torvalds, developers at odds over Linux
Is Linux founder Linus Torvalds stuck in a bottleneck? A debate is growing over whether he needs help with patching the operating system core.

Fiorina: Merger is good for Linux
Still deep in the Compaq merger battle, HP CEO Carly Fiorina says Linux embodies the same spirit of innovation demonstrated by HP's founders.

Sony to sell Linux kits for PlayStation 2
Sony says it will start selling Linux kits for programmers in coming months to allow Linux applications to run on the PlayStation 2.

IBM: Linux investment nearly recouped
After promising to invest more than $1 billion in Linux, Big Blue says software and system sales have proved more than lucrative.

HP, Linux snag DreamWorks deal
Linux has infiltrated the brains of the DreamWorks digital animation studios, with Hewlett-Packard machines displacing SGI workstations.

Veritas brings storage software to Linux
The company announces its most significant foray yet into the Linux market, saying its Foundation Suite now runs on Red Hat's version of the Unix clone.

Turbolinux signs up HP, Compaq
The company signs deals under which Hewlett-Packard and Compaq Computer will promote and sell its Linux server management software.

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Quick trip around LinuxWorld
Melissa Francis, correspondent

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Red Hat CTO dodges AOL merger rumors
Michael Tiemann, CTO, Red Hat

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Linux bets on interactive TV
Mike Mathews, senior product manager, MontaVista Software

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Lineo software revs up Zaurus
Garnet Brown, senior product manager, Lineo

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PlayStation 2 offers up Linux
Dominic Mallinson, director of technology research, Sony

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Ximian links Linux and Microsoft
David Patrick, CEO, Ximian

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Fiorina: HP-Compaq merger will advance Linux
Carly Fiorina, CEO, HP

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Big Blue opens up to open source
Scott Handy, director, IBM